Now Earn Money Through Instagram Reels.

Instagram and Facebook announced a new way of earning money. It will be through advertisements on Facebook stories and Instagram Reels. In this article, we will discuss this announcement how to earn, how to advertise, how much money we will get, etc.

After banning the Tik Tok app in India, Instagram started its clone features by inventing Reels in Instagram. Which is becoming popular in India as well as all over the world. In India, Instagram has many users and many of them use reels. Instagram has the fastest-growing social media market. They are using it for advertising purposes. Today’s world is full of advertisements and many users are advertising third-party brands by collaboration. But now need to worry because Instagram and Facebook are coming with a new feature of advertising.

Now we are coming towards the point of what type of advertising will be? How much money we will get? The advertisement type will be banner type. In the stories of Facebook and In Reels we may add banner ads. Influencers can add/enable this advertisement feature if they want to do. After enabling these features brands can advertise their product. Some part of a sale of the product will be given to influencers. This feature is similar to Google AdSense as it calculates the revenue of ads and gives it to their advertisers. Youtube also does the same concept by showing ads to their videos. In India, social media marketing is growing very fastly. Many Instagram users can take benefits of this feature in the future.

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