Battleground Mobile India (PUBG) Launched – Review, Gameplay.

 Today is 19th June & BGMI launched on 18th June but few users got its early access & we were one of them. We installed it on our phone & there’s not much difference between BGMI & PUBG. There are a few minor differences, when you start the game it reminds you to play responsively with some health instructions.

 It also mentions – This is a virtual game so don’t fall deeply into it.
 It’s around 650-700 MB in size on Google Play Store with an additional 620 MB of data of resources. It has all the maps that are present in the global version. You can download maps individually according to your preference.
The overall data size will consist of around 2-2.5 GB with maps & graphics data.

You also get additional maps in TDM, also Battle Royale has 7-8 different maps. And your game data, resources & everything else is stored on the Indian Server. What are the differences between BGMI & PUBG? It’s basically almost the same. But when you kill your opponent. The ‘kills’ word is replaced by ‘ finishes’ in BGMI. When you’re shooting your opponent, it shows green/yellow blood effect instead of red color.

When we initially tested this game, we encountered many bots in the game. But the gameplay felt quite responsive. Might be because there were fewer players, but this could change when lakhs of people start playing and we noticed the gameplay was very responsive.

Can you transfer your old data from PUBG to BGMI?
Yes! You can use Facebook, Twitter accounts, etc & restore your previous data. So if you’ve reached a certain level then it’ll be restored.
Just like the global version, BGMI also has Season 19 ongoing & they haven’t reset to Season 1. We’ll have to see if there are any new changes when it’s available to the public tomorrow.

But they’ve changed many things under the hood so it’ll become difficult to justify the ban of BGMI in India. I don’t know if there are any major concerns as they’ve included many new things & also given instructions on how to play effectively. And all of your data is also on the Indian server. So the data issues PUBG had earlier, BGMI has tried to fix them all.


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